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I came to Susan Perry suffering with lower back problems. She quickly figured out my problem and I felt better immediately following our first session. After a few more sessions, my back problem disappeared. I highly recommend Susan and continue to be one of her clients.

Ken Morgan
Real Estate Sales

I've been training with Susan for over a year, twice a week. Although I've been athletic my whole life, I noticed that age and gravity had taken a toll on my once fit body and sought professional help. (I know Susan would say queso was the real culprit, but I remain in denial). However, even with occasional queso binges, I've seen such improvement in my overall muscle structure and have noticed a big difference in my core strength. As my 11-year-old son says, "Wow, Mom, you've got guns!"

I appreciate that she personalizes and preplans each workout, changes things up and she really keeps me moving. She also helps with the nutritional aspect of being fit and has great advice on how to meet our individual goals. It doesn't hurt, either, that she is great fun to be around - I look forward to working with her each week.

Shannon Moody
Development Director
Planned Parenthood of Austin

Susan's knowledge of nutrition and training motivates me both in the gym and in the way I conduct my life outside the gym. I trained with Susan up until the day before I gave birth. I know the exercise and the nutritional advice before and after helped me regain my shape quickly and safely.

Anita Mennucci
Executive Director
Girls Empowerment Network (GENaustin)

I have worked out on and off all my like but was never able to be consistent until I began working out with Susan Perry. For the last three and half years she has guided my exercise, nutrition and mental attitude resulting in my being in the best overall health of my life. She utilizes my time and my money well.

Patti Halladay
InterSource Executive Search, Inc.

When I found out that my cholesterol was through the roof, I knew that diet and exercise were going to become more important than ever. Through working with Susan at SweatbyDesign I was able to lower it in less than 6 months to a level that allowed me to stop taking medication. Susan's frankness and dedication to "doing it right" and not just throwing weights has made a huge difference in my life.

Terry M. Franks
Legislative Director for a State Senator

I started working out with Susan to hear her spicy Irish accent. Come to find out she gives a really intense workout & knows her stuff. Benefits include variety in each workout, working all the muscle groups to exhaustion, good humor & no gossip. Results--strength, definition, satisfaction, & I still don't know who's with whom in the gym!

Chris Dial
Pilates instructor


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